Human Rights

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We are committed to respecting and supporting human rights in the global communities we serve. Our commitment includes identifying, preventing, and mitigating any adverse human rights impacts of our activities where possible. We expect that e2open and our partners, suppliers, and vendors conduct business in accordance with internationally recognized human rights standards, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and be consistent with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. 

Our specific commitments to non-discrimination, non-harassment, health and safety, diversity, equity and inclusion, and other human rights (e.g., prohibited child labor, modern slavery, human trafficking) are implemented through e2open’s Code of Conduct and internal policies. We provide each of our employees with detailed policies and materials to provide information on equal opportunity, discrimination and harassment, and require participation in training on these matters. 

All employees of e2open companies are required to comply with such policies, and we provide multiple avenues to allow questions, concerns or good faith reports of actual or suspected non-compliance to be raised without fear of retaliation.  

In addition, our suppliers, partners, and vendors are also expected to adhere to the Éthique et code de conduite des fournisseurs d’e2open which sets forth clear labor and human rights guidelines when working with us or on our behalf. 

E2open’s dedication to fundamental principles of human rights is a cornerstone of our company values and culture as evidenced by our policies, practices, and statements made from time to time in support of human rights and human rights compliance through our solutions.