Guide to Optimizing ROI for Real-Time Transportation Visibility

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This guide outlines the major pain points related to a lack of supply chain visibility, describes the corresponding benefits of RTTV solutions, and quantifies the average gains in efficiency and cost savings an organization can expect from implementing real-time visibility capabilities.

The estimates are based on data from over 80 customers representing a number of common verticals and operating across multiple continents in a range of sizes. Compiled and organized by Shippeo, a global leader in transportation visibility solutions, this information is designed to help supply chain leaders estimate the return on investment (ROI) of a visibility project to aid in building a business case.

Having partnered with Shippeo, e2open is able to provide bespoke value assessments of prospective or in-process visibility projects based on your organization’s unique needs and context. This is strongly recommended early on in your exploration of end-to-end visibility solutions as well as transport management systems, both of which benefit from integration with RTTV. Having completed countless visibility projects for international organizations, e2open can help you quantify the many benefits for your business case and assist in demonstrating their value to stakeholders.

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