Top 5 Risk Models for Your Global Supply Chain

Strong risk models are dynamic in nature and support resiliency in global supply chains. While predicting the future may not be possible, robust risk models help companies identify and analyze pending threats to help protect against them. Are your risk models up to date?

This Global Trade Academy webinar focuses on the leading global trade and supply chain management hazards facing businesses today. Learn which KPIs should be included in your risk models for them to be successful in meeting their objectives.

In Top 5 Risk Models for Your Global Supply Chain, you will:

  • Receive an overview of the components of an import, export, cargo security, cybersecurity, and forced labor risk model
  • Uncover the key components that an effective import and export risk model should contain
  • Understand the important role risk models play in keeping key stakeholders accurately and consistently informed
  • Learn which steps to take when managing probabilities of impact for each of your risk models
  • Analyze scenarios your company may face in the current global market to empower timely executive decisions that support faster recovery

On-demand webinar

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