In a world of increasing regulatory oversight, trade compliance teams and other departments must stand together and hold up their shields to protect their companies from supply chain risks. Slips in compliance oversights are more common in companies where trade compliance teams exist in a silo.

This webinar is geared towards trade compliance teams and their colleagues in demand planning, S&OP, procurement, financing, logistics, warehousing, order fulfillment and trade compliance. Join industry expert Suzanne Richer for a complimentary Global Trade Academy webinar as she reveals how companies can talk shop across the organization to strengthen compliance through collaboration. You will learn how to:

  • Talk shop across the organization to reduce global trade risks and delays
  • Understand when trade compliance teams need to join meetings from other departments
  • Collect and manage data from each department in the supply chain
  • Use data to create a company-specific import or export risk model
  • Align global trade objectives to ensure a strong customer service experience

Featured Speaker

Suzanne Richer, Director, Global Trade Academy, e2open

Suzanne Richer
Director, Global Trade Academy

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