Managing Future Supply Chain Disruptions:
Looking Beyond the Surface with Data-driven Insights

Pawan Joshi, E2open, Executive Vice President, Product Management & Strategy

Pawan Joshi
EVP of Product Management & Strategy

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The session included a detailed discussion on:

The Economic Impact of Suez Canal Delays
Examples of who managed the disruption well and how they did it? ​
What are the ripple effects? ​
How can we prepare for a similar event in the future?

Demand Sensing: Relying on AI, even in the face of disruption
What is hype and what is real?  ​
What are some real case studies – how are clients saving costs and increasing their bottom line and customer satisfaction? ​

Your Control Tower: The feasibility of real-time visibility​
With so many links in the chain – is real-time visibility something feasible?