Global and regional disruptions have been way too frequent and troublesome in the last 12 months. Supply chains have been pushed, pulled and twisted to react to trade policy shifts, hyper-demand for essential consumer goods, factory and logistics capacity constraints, and the new consumer dynamic mid- and post-pandemic.

During this panel session, hear from subject matter experts as they discuss how pan-disruptions can affect multiple areas of your supply chain. They will walk through the domino effect of a real-life scenario that begins with disruptions in product demand that ripples into a logistics constraint, then impacts the production and supply side, leading to global trade compliance implications. While many industries have been uniquely impacted during this pandemic, essential consumer and electronic goods manufacturers experienced unanticipated demand sending shock waves that challenged companies to meet customer service levels.

Only an end-to-end supply chain management technology solution provider can help manage all of this commotion with a holistic demand and supply chain planning and execution platform.



Sean Roach Vice President Sales, Discrete BU

Sean Roach
Vice President Sales, Discrete BU


Nari Viswanathan, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Demand and Supply Planning

Nari Viswanathan
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Demand and Supply Planning

Gary Barraco Senior Director, Product Marketing

Gary Barraco
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Global Trade Compliance

Vin Ramundo, Sr. Director Solutions Consultant, Logistics

Vin Ramundo
Sr. Director Solutions Consultant, Logistics

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