E2open Rates and Schedules Management Data Sheet


Consumers today expect fast and cost-friendly shipment of the products they buy. But to meet these high demands, shippers often use multiple modes of transportation and legs, which normally involve multiple parties and increased lead times. These factors make it difficult to price and route shipments efficiently. E2open’s Rates and Schedules Management intelligent application allows shippers to find the best transportation and logistics options that help keep costs down.

Identify the best transportation options and reduce costs and the speed of the shipment by utilizing these key features of the E2open Rates and Schedules Management intelligent application:

  • Calculate complete bottom-line costs
  • Have visibility into all relevant service fee information
  • Centralize up-to-date shipping rates and transit times for air, ocean, rail and truck
  • Accurately display alternative services by provider, lane, commodity, hazard designation and date
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