The Emergence of the Holistic Channel Ecosystem

Leveraging the new ecosystem-based channel model

The changing landscape of consumer spending has reshaped the supply chain, necessitating a shift in channel management. The emergence of the holistic channel model, also known as the ecosystem-based channel model, is gaining widespread momentum. And for good reason. This model breaks traditional silos, enabling end-to-end orchestration and channel optimization across all partners in the ecosystem.

Channel optimization with new partners

With the expanding scope of channels, brands must now consider all the various entities involved in product sales. Strategies involve recruiting, enabling, motivating, and rewarding different partner types to enhance value and innovation for customers, ultimately boosting competitiveness and revenue.

Three primary characteristics of a holistic channel model

Exploring the entities involved in getting your products to market helps you assess what three primary characteristics they share in the channel ecosystem and how to effectively engage them.

  1. Extreme diversity among partners with unique operating models
  2. Extreme volatility due to low commitment and easy entry/exit
  3. Extreme scale as participants influence customer touchpoints

Three key actions for transforming your brand’s channel ecosystem

Managing a channel ecosystem and moving to a holistic channel management model requires a technological transformation, including:

  1. Adapting existing processes to the expanded channel scope with new resources and data analytics.
  2. Implementing partner community programs that promote collaboration and deliver customer value.
  3. Investing in a modern channel management platform with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for seamless processes.

Embracing the holistic channel model is critical in today’s evolving business landscape. For more details on implementing these changes, download e2open’s white paper, Adapting Channels to the New Ecosystem Economy. To discuss optimizing channel ecosystem management, contact e2open.

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