The Vital New Role of AI in Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

Rethinking supply chain strategies

The pandemic’s impact on supply chain has forever changed global trade—causing industry leaders to rethink their supply chain strategies and how they can better manage global disruptions. A key insight from the pandemic’s impact on supply chain disruptions is the vital role Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays in helping companies not just survive disruptions but thrive.

Rethinking supply chain management means adopting AI and automation solutions that gather all the necessary data, cleanse it, enrich it, and make it decision-grade. AI in supply chain also makes it possible to process huge volumes of data to perform complex mathematical calculations in seconds, freeing up businesses to decide on the best course of action and automatically execute it.

Cut forecast error by 30%

The AI in e2open Demand Sensing was purpose-built to use real-time data to sense disruptions of any size, create a forecast that reflects current realities, and automatically act on it without the need for human review. During the pandemic, e2open’s Demand Sensing application cut forecasting error by an average of 30% during the initial response period, and 37% in the recovery period after the first wave.

Building supply chain resilience

While disruptions cannot be controlled, brands can stay one step ahead with AI. To learn more about creating supply chain resilience through AI, download our white paper on Managing Supply Chain Disruptions of Any Size. Or connect with e2open to explore how our AI solution can help your brand manage supply chain disruption of any size.

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