Comprehensive Orchestration for All China Trade

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China is an attractive place for sourcing, manufacturing and selling goods, but it’s also one of the most challenging due to its frequent national and regional regulatory changes. Chinese Customs authorities also require companies to file complete and correct declarations by entering the information into China Customs’ electronic systems. This activity requires an immense amount of time and effort when attempted manually.

Find out how you can automate full compliance, gain favorable regulatory terms and easily manage complex, multi-facility processes to achieve the next level of operational excellence in China trade. The e2open platform helps you make better decisions and orchestrate all operations effectively:

  • Automates import and export processes to accelerate border clearance
  • Accesses China-specific, granular-level trade content to comply with all trade laws
  • Submits declarations for all types of trade directly to China Customs
  • Uses powerful analytics and audit processes backed by artificial intelligence (AI) to mitigate compliance issues
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