Executive Brief: Forecasting and Inventory Performance During the Covid-19 Pandemic

In 2020 everything changed, and business leaders had to adapt. This executive brief reveals what actually happened to business during the pandemic and offers proven strategies for decision makers as they navigate continued disruption and risk.

Full of the unexpected, 2020 brought about perhaps the broadest and most sustained business disruption in modern history. Day-to-day operations changed dramatically—sometimes overnight—as supply chains retooled to meet unpredictable demand while grappling with shortages, delays and precautions regarding personnel safety. Leaders of organizations and nations alike faced difficult choices with no clear roadmap.

This executive brief summarizes the key findings in e2open’s 2021 Forecasting and Inventory Benchmark Study, an annual report that analyzes real operational data from leading global manufacturers. The study captures the state of supply chain performance during the Covid-19 pandemic and concisely reveals how it shaped key areas of business such as service levels, production efficiency, forecast accuracy and inventory levels. The report also presents successful strategies some of the world’s largest manufacturers have adopted to build resilience for disruptions of any scope and scale—even a pandemic.

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