Gaining a Competitive Advantage with e2open’s Partner Program Solutions

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Channel Strategy

Discover how a software giant unifies partner programs across 39 countries

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, this top open-source software provider generates over $3.4 billion in annual revenue and aims to drive global growth through collaboration and new partner programs. Faced with challenges in managing its expansive partner network, the company implemented a global solution using e2open applications, integrating Collaborative Channel Planning, and Rewards and Funds Management. This move streamlined their partner activities and simplified fund requests, expense claims, and payments. The outcome includes the elimination of manual tasks and regional inconsistencies, improved compliance with partner program guidelines, and enhanced visibility into fund spending. The company’s ability to quickly adapt incentive programs to market shifts has increased speed to market, providing a clear competitive advantage.

Read more about the company’s challenges and success here. Contact e2open to discuss how our partner program solutions can help you unify and streamline your partner collaborations.

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