E2open “Ask a Rail Logistics Subject Matter Expert” Video

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Like all transport modes, rail is experiencing change and disruption, and has been part of recent news reports around global ‘supply chain issues’. For insight, we spoke with two of e2open’s rail industry experts, Chad Toupin and Chris Szymczyk.

We’ve all read in the news the issues with shipping and trucking transport challenges. Rail logistics shares some of the same challenges, but also has some unique constraints affecting North American and global industries.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Labor issues, including a take on the current labor strike
  • Car supply shortages, and ideas for more efficient management with limited resources
  • The COVID impact, where the industry is recovering, where it is still challenged
  • Getting timely rate quotes, including R-11 shipments
  • How automation, including Software-as-a-service can soften the blow
  • Visibility, including IoT, and how disruption reporting has improved
  • Analytics, including predictive analytics, and how they can improve decision-making and recommendations for improvement
  • Managing rail transport: Running the show with your your own team vs. outsourcing with a Logistics-as-a-Service provider

Ask e2open how your organization can prepare for a changing rail logistics landscape.

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