Making Transportation Procurement Less of a Guessing Game

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How Procurement Discovery helps connect shippers to the right carriers

For years, when shippers were looking for a new carrier, they would scan a list of unknown names on a spreadsheet with little to no context or background information. With Procurement Discovery from e2open, shippers can now better browse and select carriers with helpful details such as a carrier’s identity, capabilities, areas of operation, and most importantly, performance data.

Our transportation procurement software has made freight procurement more of a data-driven process, ensuring that high-performing carriers can rise to the top of our Carrier Marketplace listings and increase the chances that they can meet the needs of the shippers searching for them. With Procurement Discovery, shippers can now enjoy more value and less hassle in procuring freight.

View our infographic for some statistics about Procurement Discovery from e2open.

Whether you’re a shipper or a carrier, contact e2open today to learn more about how we can streamline your transportation procurement process.

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