Managing Imports Through Safeguards, Anti-dumping, and Countervailing Duties

Trade remedies are an essential component of the U.S. importing scene, however, managing your incoming product line against fair-trade measures can become complex. When foreign suppliers attempt to circumvent certain remedial trade policy tools by exporting through a third country, what may seem like a minor alteration can become a significant legal and financial risk to your firm.

Listen to the Global Trade Academy as we detail your company’s obligation to manage imports subject to trade remedies. You’ll become familiar with the types of trade remedies, how to read and interpret a scope case, and how protectionist tariffs can be adjusted or eliminated on your shipments.

Suzanne Richer Suzanne Richer

Director, Global Trade Academy, e2open

Robin Grover Robin Grover
Grover Law Offices, GTA Consultant

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