Mitigating Supply-Side Service Risks with AI in a World of Disruption

For companies that produce and distribute physical goods globally, supply assurance is in greater jeopardy than ever. Supply constraints, factory closures, labor shortages, and container delays are just a few reasons we’re left asking questions like, “Can we fulfill our promised orders on time?” and, “Will we have the supply to meet production goals?”

Can we do better? Yes. Most companies are unaware of or under utilizing a valuable asset – real-time supply signals. Artificial intelligence can automatically detect and leverage these signals to help predict the probability of supply shortages, determine potential resolutions and related impacts, and take proactive steps to assure supply, capture sales, and safeguard customer service.

Join this Talking Logistics interview with Mehmet Demirci, SVP of Global Solutions at e2open, as we discuss a new and differentiating supply chain capability: Supply Sensing.

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