Optimizing Logistics: The Nortera Story



Delivering high-quality products and services becomes challenging without a reliable Transportation Management System (TMS). Nortera, a leader in frozen and canned vegetables, faced significant supply chain challenges. Supply chain consultancy C2.0 partnered with e2open to implement their TMS, which transformed Nortera’s operations. With C2.0’s expertise and e2open’s TMS, Nortera achieved remarkable optimization and streamlined logistics.

Experts from Nortera, e2open, and C2.0 will dive into the success they have achieved. Watch our webinar to:

  • Understand how Nortera simplified their supply chain and overcame key challenges.
  • Hear more about the strategic collaboration between C2.0 and e2open in understanding Nortera’s needs, configuring the TMS, and managing the implementation process.
  • Discover the benefits Nortera gained, including enhanced data optimization, centralized information, and significant time savings.

Learn how the synergy between Nortera, C2.0, and e2open drove operational excellence, leading to greater efficiency.


Patrice LégaréVice President of Supply Chain, Nortera

Chadwick WeeksSenior Director, Solutions Consulting, e2open

Michael MuroSenior Consultant Transport & Networks, C2.0

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