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Transformation with omnichannel Technology

The channel ecosystem model, aka the holistic channel model, is rapidly emerging as the new gold standard in indirect go-to-market strategies. Beyond traditional reseller and distributor partners, brand leaders must now adeptly navigate an expanded partner network, including:

  1. Influencers
  2. Advisors
  3. Recommenders
  4. Suppliers of complementary products and services

Transformation begins with reimagining your technology stack. Your brand’s omnichannel technology needs to enable streamlined, seamless, cross-functional, and cross-enterprise management. To truly excel, brands must meticulously select and implement the right channel management technology to effectively connect and collaborate with their diverse partners.

Overcoming the challenges of best-of-breed software

Best-of-breed software offers diverse omnichannel options but struggles with handling substantial data volumes. To select the right omnichannel tech, consider challenges and criteria. Forrester’s Channel Software Tech Stack (See chart) showcases 187 vendors but urges alignment with holistic channel needs. Key factors to consider include:

  1. Securing a robust partner network
  2. Integrating applications seamlessly
  3. Crafting a cohesive partner digital experience
  4. Ensuring robust Artificial Intelligence AI solutions

Managing high data volumes and powerful AI capabilities is easily obtainable with technology like e2open’s omnichannel platform. To learn more, download our white paper, Optimizing Omnichannel Performance in Supply Chain. Or reach out to e2open to explore how omnichannel technology can transform your business in this new era.

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