Optimizing Omnichannel Performance in Supply Chain

Logistics Visibility

Orchestrating all partner ecosystems empowers companies to make cross-functional, data-anchored decisions that optimize customer and partner experience through every route to market while maximizing overall margin.

Most organizations reach their end customers through multiple channels: direct sales, indirect distribution and retail, whether these are online or in person. Managing each of these channels in isolation creates tension and waste. A lack of connection to upstream ecosystems—including supply and logistics—leads to the need to overcompensate for lack of visibility and limited agility in addressing challenges.

In a world where disruption has become the new normal, organizations can no longer afford to be disconnected and work with isolated processes, functions and channels.

This paper, the result of a collaborative partnership between e2open and CapGemini, covers the data, metrics, indicators, processes and operational models that can help break down barriers between ecosystems to maximize enterprise-level outcomes. Offering deep insight into ways to ensure consistent fulfillment across the many routes to market, the paper explains how brand owners can use connected ecosystems as a secret weapon to optimize performance across all channels and achieve business goals such as exceptional customer experience, growth and profitability. Optimizing Omnichannel Performance is a must-read for any channel or supply chain professional.

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