A Global Leader’s Transformation through Supply Network Collaboration

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A Global Leader’s Transformation through Supply Network Collaboration

As a global leader in providing comprehensive solutions for data centers, communication networks, and industrial facilities, this US-based company faced significant challenges in supply chain management with manual processes and fragmented communication across hundreds of suppliers. The lack of integration between different ERP systems and operational approaches further complicated their efforts, leading to inefficiencies and losses. Partnering with e2open enabled the company to implement advanced supply collaboration capabilities by leveraging e2net and Connected Supply applications.

Implementing this new supply chain management resulted in:

  • Amplified efficiency in supply orchestration
  • Increased ability to meet customer demand
  • Improved reporting capability from better visibility
  • A single source of truth from shared decision-grade data

Download the brief to learn more about how the company streamlined processes with enhanced visibility and connectivity. Contact e2open to discuss how your supply chain can operate with increased efficiency, agility, and resilience, aligning with strategic goals of improving customer satisfaction, reducing risks, and sustaining growth.

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