Keeping Promises in Logistics and Supply Chain: Strategies for Delivering on Customer Expectations

Freight transportation truck on the road at golden hour

Many promises are made in logistics and supply chain every day, from shippers and freight forwarders, to customers and their stakeholders. As everyone has experienced over the last few years, making those promises is much easier than keeping them, with steep operational and financial consequences.

In this episode, e2open Director of Product Management Ritu Rooney and Vice President of Logistics as a Service Matt Anderson join host Scott Luton from Supply Chain Now to talk about all of those transportation promises being made:

  • How shippers and freight forwarders are leveraging technology and professional services to optimize transportation activities across modes and regions
  • The types of promises shippers and freight forwarders make to their customers
  • 4 tips that will help shippers deliver on the promises they make to their customers

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To get more tips and information about transportation management solutions, view this free on-demand webinar: 7 Essential Features of a TMS for Effective Logistics Management.

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