Sailing into Efficiency with Electronic Bills of Lading

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Key advantages of digital bills of lading

Discover the transformative and sustainable future of global trade compliance with e2open and WaveBL’s digital bill of lading or electronic bills (eB/Ls) solution. Say goodbye to traditional paperwork and hello to secure, efficient, and compliant shipping practices. Unlock cost savings, global standards conformity, and unmatched efficiency with e2open’s Ocean Booking Platform and WaveBL’s customizable eBL solution.

Key advantages:

  • Cost savings: Digitizing bills of lading could save $6.5 billion in direct cost for trade ecosystem
  • Global standards: Aligned with Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) and United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CERFACT) for industry-wide unity
  • E2open’s Ocean Booking platform: Experience unmatched logistics efficiency
  • Secure and customizable: WaveBL’s adaptable eBL solution caters to your unique needs
  • Faster customs clearance: Streamline processes to improve performance goals
  • Sustainability: Over 95% less carbon emission compared to traditional paper-based delivery
  • Reduced operational costs: Eliminate courier services and cutdown on printing and transportation expenses

Download solution brief to learn more about transforming and streamlining your trade compliance with digital bills of lading. Interested in learning more about how e2open and WaveBL can help you optimize your business? Contact us today.

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