Scaling Logistics for Success: A White Claw Story

As the demand for your products skyrockets, you’re likely experiencing logistical challenges that are preventing you from scaling your business. The sudden surge in demand can be exciting, but it can also put a strain on your supply chain and logistics operations.

In this webinar, listen to Scott Campbell, Vice President, Logistics & Demand at Mark Anthony Services and Molly Feller, VP Logistics as a Service Operations at e2open, as they explore the challenges that arise when companies experience rapid growth, and how Mark Anthony – the group behind the famous White Claw – has overcome these challenges. We will also provide insights into the logistics managed services model and what to look for when evaluating providers.

Learning objectives:

  • Take a deep dive into the real-life experiences at Mark Anthony
  • Gain insights into the typical challenges that businesses experiencing sudden growth are facing
  • How you can scale your logistics and business strategies for continuous improvement
  • Best practices when leveraging a carrier network, and standardizing and streamlining processes

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