Supply Chain Shifts to Watch in Europe

Save Time and Money with Container Logistics

It’s not an easy task to maintain a successful supply chain strategy when the environment keeps shifting.  Regulatory pressures, changing social and environmental standards, consumer buying behaviour, and the new normal have impacted supply chains at an accelerated pace – and there’s no solid ground on the horizon. Companies need to be prepared for shifting sands by leveraging technology and intelligence.

Listen to Suzanne Richer and Gary Barraco as this duo of subject matter experts uncovers those unpredictable changes to prepare for in 2021 and beyond. Key highlights of the webinar include:

  • The regulatory changes in governments worldwide, including
    • Social responsibility
    • Environmental and sustainability concerns
    • E-commerce transactions
  • Logistics log jams in the UK and across the EU
  • Trade agreements that can help relieve the pressure of escalating costs
  • Technology trends for transportation providers and shippers
  • How artificial intelligence identifies Intellectual Property Rights violations

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