The Brave New World of Logistics: Leveraging Technology to Transform Logistics Operations

‘What is 12,000 pounds, about 13 feet tall and five feet wide? A commercial-grade Michelin tire.’

Watch this exclusive on-demand webinar to discover how Michelin transformed its global logistics from an outdated legacy system to a cutting-edge transportation management system (TMS). While this legacy system worked, it was inflexible, inefficient, and potentially unstable, limiting their growth and ambition to become a world-class logistics operation. During COVID the system creaked under the pressure of remote workers performing complex tasks.

In a strategic partnership with e2open, Michelin aimed to enhance efficiency, standardisation, and automation in logistics. Early results show a significant boost in team efficiency and ensure business continuity. Michelin plans to extend the success by implementing the e2open system across all hubs.

Learn first-hand from Dan Jianu, Logistics Operations Manager at Michelin, and uncover the insights behind Michelin’s bold move, proving that embracing transformative logistics technology can turn industry giants into unstoppable forces.


Dan Jianu, Logistics Operations Manager, Michelin Maria Villablanca, Co-Founder & CEO, Future Insights Network

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