Why Outsourcing Transportation Management Is Right for You, Right Now.

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Freight costs average 10% of the cost of goods sold, so logistics teams are challenged to balance costs and service to maintain a competitive edge while enabling growth and remaining flexible. Not every shipper has a team with the skills and technology to handle the challenges and market volatility. This webinar discusses the reasons shippers outsource their logistics service, what to look for when evaluating providers, and the pros and cons of logistics managed services models. You will hear how the models address technology utilization, network visibility, data analytics access, and expertise that help drive cost savings and increase efficiency.

What you will learn:

  • Why shippers are outsourcing
  • Alternative managed services models
  • Key considerations: cost, service, and control

Matt Anderson, Vice President, e2open Matt Anderson
Vice President, e2open

Nicole Hudson, Director, e2open Nicole Hudson
Director, e2open

Kirk Sternberg, Director, e2open Kirk Sternberg
Director, e2open

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