Leverage unmatched data visibility and accuracy to optimize your channel business performance. Clean, accurate, and trustworthy data flowing seamlessly from raw material suppliers to retailers and distributors is of critical value.




Leverage unmatched data visibility and accuracy to optimize your channel business performance

Clean, accurate, and trustworthy data flowing seamlessly from raw material suppliers to retailers and distributors, is of critical value for business leaders to make informed and actionable decisions. But, how can you use this accurate, decision-grade channel data from partners and end customers to optimize business performance – that is, drive revenue growth through active partner participation while avoiding costly overpayments?

Organizations must break down barriers that prevent the intelligent use of critical downstream data. Getting there takes an automated and highly scalable data management process that is closely coupled with on-demand analytics.

E2open’s Channel Incentives solution optimizes the process of managing channel partner incentives, including rebates, Market Development Funds (MDF), co-op, loyalty points, etc., by mapping each Point-of-Sale (POS) transaction to the required program rules with 99.9% accuracy.  Accruals as well as discretionary incentives payments are processed and executed accurately in matter of hours, thereby motivating channel partners to participate in your programs – by far, the most significant challenge in the channel distribution business.

Additionally, retail analytics provide execution visibility down to the store level, proactively identifying issues and enabling organizations to quickly respond and prevent stock-outs. Flexible analytics report information at any aggregation level, allowing account teams to focus on individual SKUs or brands at specific retailers, while management can measure performance across the entire category or channel.


  • Erosion of business profits because of inaccurate or overpayment of incentives by 5-10%
  • Poor channel partner participation in incentives programs and under-utilization of MDF/ Co-op
  • Poor alignment of channel investments to channel strategy, without evidence-based accurate tracking of ROI from such investments
  • Lost sales due to stock-outs or phantom inventory at retail locations
  • Poor promotion or product introduction performance caused by lack of visibility to retail execution


  • True “claim-less” processing of partner rebates increases partner participation and reduces the costly overheads associated with Channel Account Managers / Partner Account Managers manually processing individual claims
  • Enables manufacturers to easily administer multi-tiered incentive programs, and provides visibility into each type of incentive at the partner and aggregated level (region, country, line of business, and others)
  • Improved channel investment choices based on accurate historic data, business strategy, and advanced analytics
  • Ensure on-shelf availability and proactive notification of phantom inventory
  • Increased promotional lift and better new product performance through daily monitoring of pre-build and event stock analysis

“Alarmingly, when we asked respondents how many of their channel incentive programs met their goals, 15 percent stated that none of their incentives were meeting their intended goals. . . . and only 14 percent of respondents stated that their channel incentives met most of their goals.”
SiriusDecisions Channel Partner Incentives Survey Research Brief

E2open offers the most comprehensive, data-driven incentives management solution in the industry. E2open’s Incentives solution is a highly scalable, flexible, turn-key, automated, end-to-end incentives management tool that helps companies define, track, accurately calculate, and manage partner payouts for a comprehensive set of incentives program types, including:

  • Rebates
  • MDFs and Co-op
  • Deal Registrations
  • Ship & Debit
  • Price Protection
  • Trade-in, SPIFs, referrals, and others

The incentives solution is powered by the high performance TruePay engine that utilizes Big Data technologies that can process trillions of transactions in matter of hours to calculate 99.9% accurate incentives payout for each transaction. Moreover, with native integration with Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics® 365 PRM applications, customers can seamlessly manage all partner deals and incentives at one place.