Check out this ebook to see how predictive estimated times of arrival (ETAs) can build on your in-transit visibility capabilities to provide the granular-level arrival time estimates that are essential for mitigating supply chain disruptions.

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Do you remember taking long road trips as a kid and how you kept asking, “Are we there yet?” Shippers and their logistics service providers (LSPs) are often in a similar situation during long transport journeys, except the question is usually “Is my stuff there yet?” or “When is my shipment going to arrive?” Why is that?

To compete in today’s market, supply chain professionals must promptly address deviations from their original shipping plans. Robust in-transit visibility is essential, but it can only highlight where goods are at a given moment in time. When shipments deviate from their planned timeline, reliable predictability is the key to making intelligent decisions for remediation.

This ebook focuses on difficulties shippers face when trying to predict arrival times:

  • Supply chain disruptions and managing the unseen

  • The demand for fast, on-time deliveries

  • Port-to-port and customs delays

  • Lack of in-transit status updates

Learn how you can adapt to the unpredictable world of global trade and create a positive impact on your end customers.