E2open is ATLAS-IMPOST Certified in Germany for its Customs Management Software

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E2open’s Customs Management intelligent application has been certified for German ATLAS-IMPOST customs declarations.

ATLAS-IMPOST is a new type of import filing for mail and courier shipments into Germany created for efficient customs and import sales tax treatment of low-value shipments up to 150 euros, such as e-commerce parcels. The new declaration type recently went live to relieve the stress on the German Customs’ Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System (ATLAS) as a result of the remarkable growth of e-commerce shipments. The application enables companies and private individuals to exchange information electronically with customs agencies, utilizing a highly reduced dataset for the submission of declarations and tax assessment notices with greater efficiency.

As part of the E2open end-to-end supply chain management platform, customs declaration and filing capabilities are inherently connected to the holistic supply chain with robust channel, supply, and logistics functionality.

With the ATLAS-IMPOST certification, E2open’s Customs Management application offers efficient, automated compliance for low-value shipments that is particularly beneficial for express and postal carriers. In addition, E2open’s Customs Management-ZABIS® software is certified for normal import EZA-FV, in line with German Customs ATLAS 9.1.


April 16, 2024

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April 9, 2024

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