The pandemic brought unprecedented long-term stressors to supply chains worldwide. Does hindsight tell us anything about how to be better prepared? Can artificial intelligence (AI) possibly help with disruptions of this magnitude? This e2open study provides some answers.

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Every cloud has a silver lining, and the pandemic is no exception. While disruptions cannot be controlled, companies can shape the resulting impact on their business.

This fact-based study evaluates the effect of the pandemic on supply chain performance during the initial response and first-wave recovery periods. The paper uses data from each period of the pandemic to explore the role of AI in managing major disruptions. This data answers the question, “Is AI even applicable for something of unprecedented scale, like a pandemic?” 

In this paper, you’ll gain data-driven insights and discover best practices that can help your organization navigate the new business environment and prepare to better respond to future disruptions of any size.

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