Nucleus Research: Inventory Optimization Value Matrix 2019

Access the complimentary report to see Nucleus Research’s take on the Inventory Optimization (IO) market with an evaluation of e2open and sixteen other vendors.

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Nucleus notes the growing demand for IO solutions and the multi-enterprise nature of IO. “The goal for vendors is to provide a holistic view of an enterprise’s inventory picture, allowing planning to be integrated across different parts of the business and extended value chain … Leading solutions allow for organizations to expand their planning and optimization into multiple tiers of trading partners and suppliers.”*

Nucleus examined the Inventory Optimization market and evaluated vendor solutions based on their usability and functionality. e2open is positioned in the Leaders quadrant as the vendor with the highest overall functionality rank.

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Nucleus Research: IO Technology Value Matrix 2019
*Nucleus Research Inventory Optimization Value Matrix 2019, by Seth Lippincott, April 2019, Document number T54