Quarterly Technology Update Leverages the Power of e2open’s Network for Greater Visibility to Mitigate Risks and Improve Productivity Across the Extended Supply Chain

Enhancements help clients gain early visibility and take proactive steps to reduce operational risk and avoid impact to business caused by disruptions.

AUSTIN, Texas – February 16, 2023 – E2open Parent Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ETWO), the connected supply chain SaaS platform with the largest multi-enterprise network, today announced the release of its first-quarter technology update for 2023, with a wide range of enhancements that leverage the power of the e2open network to help clients gain greater visibility to potential disruptions, reduce risk to business operations across their extended supply chain, and improve productivity for planning and execution.

“Increased economic uncertainties compounded by geo-political risks, climate events, and the lingering effects of the pandemic have made businesses more vulnerable to disruptions,” said Pawan Joshi, executive vice president of product management and strategy at e2open. “While we can’t stop the pace or scale of disruptive events, we can help clients lower the risk of these disruptions impacting their business. The 23.1 technology release is designed to provide more ways to gain early visibility and take proactive actions to minimize financial liability or even avoid impacts altogether. This includes visibility to potential disruptions caused by extreme weather conditions that might impact global orders and shipments, serialized tracking of inventory to minimize waste and obsolescence in the channel, and compliance with the latest sanctions to protect companies from trading controlled goods such as advanced semiconductors with sanctioned countries or transacting with entities connected to human rights violations. This release also includes new enhancements to boost performance and productivity, realize cost savings, and improve time-to-value for clients. Whether you are focused more on protecting downside risks or capturing upside opportunities, this quarterly release has something for everyone.”

Some of the primary enhancements in e2open’s 23.1 technology release include:


  • Tracking serialized items helps brands understand how goods are flowing through the supply chain and gives more visibility into inventory age and remaining product shelf-life. Enhanced capabilities track the lifecycle of serialized products sold to distributors and resellers, allowing brands to offer partners a rebate for every serialized SKU that they sell und reduce the risk, cost and ESG impact of obsolescence for high-value SKUs.
  • Easier integration with enhanced and new channel data management APIs, faster configuration using a new channel data management rule framework, and quick turnarounds through self-serve page creation for channel marketing automation, all help clients become more responsive to market conditions, gain more value, and reduce the cost of ownership by deploying applications faster and performing many configurations by themselves.
  • Deep integration of partner funding, partner planning and marketing automation capabilities, enhanced end-user promotions, training and development funding, and email campaigns targeted at partners mark the creation of a next-generation rewards and funds management solution. This helps partners plan and utilize funds more efficiently, drive enhanced engagement and relevance across the entire ecosystem for increased pipeline, und realize higher return on channel investments.


  • Rich, real-time, multi-enterprise data provides the opportunity to adopt outside-in planning and improve decision-making. With unlimited dimensions, planners can expand how they model supply chain networks by product, channel, and other variations through slicing, dicing, and data adjustments across the data dimensions in the S&OP process.
  • Achieving customer and financial goals depends on the timely and full delivery of supply. Planners can now make more informed decisions with improved insight into predicted supply volumes, leveraging supplier volatility, supply signals, and machine learning, including the impact to supply from raw materials to components and finished goods.
  • When demand patterns for a new item are anticipated to vary over time, advanced functionality uses characteristics from similar items across varying time segments to improve forecast accuracy.


  • Generally, the booking number and bill of lading number are used to track Roll On, Roll Off (RoRo) automotive shipments. Given the high demand for vehicles, shippers looking for the most accurate updates for their ocean shipments can now track via Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) on e2open’s ocean booking platform.
  • Last-mile delivery dispatchers need more control during advanced planning and driver allocation to automatically assign jobs to the best driver. New capabilities include limiting the pool of drivers to be considered, automating advanced allocation at a pre-defined time, and retaining the current sequence for drivers that are already on the road.
  • Users can now configure alerts from mobile applications to set haptic feedback as an option in addition to the audio sounds for safety and efficiency. This makes it easier to hear mobile application alert sounds confirming if a scan was successful without checking the screen, which is helpful for the hearing impaired or in noisy environments.
  • Shippers moving high-value products measured in liquid volume need confirmation of the precise amount delivered to make sure that invoices are billed and paid accurately. Shippers can now capture the delivered volume of goods reported by carriers, require carriers to report delivered volume, report on, and integrate delivered volume into their ERP system to evaluate, at the item level, the planned volume vs actual volume of goods delivered.
  • To leverage e2open’s existing vast parcel and last-mile carrier network, centralized carrier management tools enable rapid connectivity with global and local carriers for parcel shippers. This helps companies that make, ship, and sell in new regions worldwide overcome challenges that come with cross-border movement of goods through continued and increased e-commerce growth.

 Globaler Handel 

  • Dual-use goods export control screening from the Philippines and Thailand is now supported in the trade compliance export application. The primary exports out of these nations are office machines and parts, semiconductors, electronics, and vehicles. Technology manufacturers are adopting these capabilities as part of their global trade compliance programs.
  • The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) applied additional export controls on advanced computing and semiconductor manufacturing items from the United States to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Hong Kong and Macau. Additional screening and documentation capabilities allow manufacturers to comply with these controls that restrict the PRC’s ability to obtain advanced computing chips, develop and maintain supercomputers, or manufacture advanced semiconductors.
  • Trade sanctions are implemented to put pressure on nations for many reasons. Canada’s recently enacted sanctions on Sri Lanka for what are considered gross and systematic human rights violations have been updated in e2open’s trade content database. The total number of sanctions captured in Global Knowledge now covers thousands of entities.
  • Two new trade agreements in APAC are now supported to maximize the duty savings between the respective trade lanes. Manufacturing companies in Malaysia and New Zealand can take advantage of duty elimination or substantial reduction as they now have an edge over their competitors from countries not enjoying preferential trade treatment. Likewise, trade duties are reduced with the India – Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement.


  • Understanding supply chain risk requires a complete picture. The supply risk dashboard now includes current and forecasted world weather data to provide early visibility into potential disruptions caused by extreme weather conditions. World map visualization of all impacted orders and shipments means proactive steps can be taken to minimize or even avoid weather-related disruptions.
  • Trying to answer the ongoing question of “Where’s my product?” requires complete visibility into the shipment’s transport status. Connecting logistics activities to supply orders provides a more comprehensive view of the order lifecycle emerges allowing for better control over delays and proactive mitigation of impacted shipments.
  • The ability to quickly and correctly determine the timing of supply chain events requires a clear understanding of what time zone the event occurred. Displaying user-preferred time zones and time zones for specific local events helps increase clarity and avoid timing confusion for issues such as a shipment-specified delivery during hours that are outside the destination receiving window.

 Network Platform

  • Effective supply chains require reliable bi-directional flow of mission-critical data and process workflows between the network and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. E2open’s Add-on for SAP recently earned renewed certification for 2022 version and all editions of S/4HANA. SAP Certification gives clients the confidence of fast, reliable, and secure integration and data exchange between their ERP data and e2open’s cloud-based applications.
  • Seamless, integrated, dynamic multi-modal logistics planning is connected with shipment booking functionality to gain efficiency through autonomous decision-making. Integrated views of transport plans help intelligently route shipments that consider client-specified requirements to meet delivery commitments at the lowest cost and carbon footprint.
  • Intelligent automation is driven by robust business rules to set guardrails on a company’s activities. With disruptions ongoing and ever-present in supply chains, a comprehensive milestone framework and rules engine proactively triggers corrective actions on in-transit at-risk shipments to remediate potential delivery delays.

As a cloud-based platform, e2open consistently brings the best in channel and supply chain management technology to customers. To learn more about the full breadth of updates in this quarterly technology update, clients are encouraged to join e2open’s 23.1 product release webinars through the my.e2open customer portal.

Über e2open

E2open is the connected supply chain software platform that enables the world’s largest companies to transform the way they make, move, and sell goods and services. With the broadest cloud-native global platform purpose-built for modern supply chains, e2open connects more than 400,000 manufacturing, logistics, channel, and distribution partners as one multi-enterprise network tracking over 13 billion transactions annually. Our SaaS platform anticipates disruptions and opportunities to help companies improve efficiency, reduce waste, and operate sustainably. Moving as one. Learn More: www.e2open.com.

E2open and “Moving as one.” are the registered trademarks of E2open, LLC. All other trademarks, registered trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.  



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