Revolutionize Your Rebates: Goodbye to Overpayments

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Streamline rebate management for digital transformation

Ready to make rebate overpayments a thing of the past? You’re not alone. A well-known San Jose-based digital networking company faced the daunting challenge of managing sizable partner rebates and distributor-specific pricing. With a large global partner network, they needed a solution to transform their incentive processes to eliminate manual errors and avoidable frustrations. By deploying e2open’s Channel Data Management (CDM) und Incentives and Rebates (I&R) solutions, the company streamlined their entire rebate management process. This meant saying goodbye to discrepancies, lengthy negotiations, and financial implications, and hello to faster, more accurate incentive payments, improved performance visibility, and a happier partner ecosystem. 

 To learn more about how streamlining rebate management works, download the brief, or connect with e2open.  

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