Unlock Distributor Backlog Visibility

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From backlog to breakthrough with game-changing visibility solutions

During the pandemic, a well-established company that manufactures and sells computer printing technologies experienced severe supply chain issues of distributors accumulating a backlog of printer orders without corresponding accessories. For help in those uncertain times and beyond, they turned to e2open’s Channel Data Management (CDM) to consolidate distributor backlog data with existing sales and inventory information for significantly improved distributor backlog visibility. They were able to efficiently manage their backlog issues through accurate revenue recognition that helped them easily identify order discrepancies. The result was elevated supply chain efficiency and enhanced overall order management.

Bericht herunterladen to learn about consolidating a business view of backlog data, Sell-in, Sell-out, and open orders for deeper insights into future product development, market segmentation, promotional campaigns, and inventory optimization. Or contact e2open to learn more about CMD and informed decision-making.

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