6 Reasons CPG Companies Turn to Demand Signal Management Solutions

For several years, leading CPG companies have been managing their incoming demand data streams through platforms known as Demand Signal Repositories. Before implementing a Demand Signal Repository, analysts required 18-20 hours weekly to cleanse, organize and aggregate the growing volume of demand data from retailers, syndicated data providers and internal sources. That equated to 50% of an analyst’s time essentially spent on non-analysis activity instead of higher value tasks. Demand Signal Repositories streamlined this data collection and organization, speeding insight.

While the core Demand Signal Repository functionality has always been a key value driver, these platforms have now been extended to provide insights on top of the organized data. They have evolved into demand signal management solutions that are driving critical business decisions within consumer goods enterprises across sales, supply chain, marketing, finance, and operations.

In this eBook, we demonstrate the business value of implementing a Demand Signal Management solution, including how CPG companies can improve retail execution for new product introductions.

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