Harmonize Your Retail Strategy with Demand Signal Management from e2open

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chains Is Taking Off!

Driving ROI with Harmonized Retail Data

Read our Brief Case to learn how Demand Signal Management from e2open helped a $2B battery manufacturer to achieve retail channel success and increase ROI on trade funds. The company lacked visibility into retail sales and inventories, was not properly managing their cross-retail demand data, and was unable to determine the ROI on their trade spend. Building an in-house solution was not an option, as it would have been too costly.

With our off-the-shelf Demand Signal Management application, the company was able to seamlessly start collecting insights from retailers and content aggregators. The application also created a flexible data model for the retailer and store-level sales, giving them the ability to capture and harmonize data, then analyze it to help them take profitable action. Our off-the-shelf demand planning application helped the organization to respond quickly to demand signals, eliminate data inconsistencies across retailers, verify on-shelf availability, and improve visibility for smart decision-making.

To learn more about how our Demand Signal Management platform can help you shape your retail presence, download our Brief Case today. Please contact e2open with any questions or to discuss how we can support your needs with our services.

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