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Confidently File with Ease using e2open Customs Filing Software

Reduce clearance delays and costs

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Gain control of your customs filings in the most cost-effective, compliant, and flexible way​​

Successful supply chains operate on a tight timeline and any delays crossing international borders are a disruption nobody can afford.

E2open Customs Filing solution automates customs filings in over 28 countries, so you can consolidate all your trade into one filing format to submit with greater accuracy and efficiency.

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Are you prepared to prioritize customs modernization?

To thrive in the era of customs modernization, it is important to partner with a trusted global trade compliance solution provider that offers end-to-end compliance, duty management, and customs management capabilities.

E2open Customs Filing solution helps ensure you comply with the latest changes with the agency systems worldwide, such as ICS2, ATLAS, CDS, and ACE, among others.

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Are customs clearance issues bogging down your supply chain?

Case Study

Optimize compliance and lower costs with a unified customs platform supporting multiple countries

Discover how a global logistics service provider successfully tackled the complexities of European customs operations across 28 countries and managed customs filing for over 15 million shipments annually, serving diverse industries.

Drive Better Compliance and Lower Costs with a Single Customs Platform

Automate customs filing

Customs Filing streamlines and automates the entire process, saving you time, effort, and a few headaches along the way.

Connect to customs agencies worldwide

Connect to customs agencies worldwide

Direct filing capability in over 28 countries around the world—with new countries added regularly—sets you up for an efficient customs operation with peace of mind.

Format correctly, every time

Format correctly, every time

Consolidating all your product and transactional data into the correct customs declaration format helps you avoid processing delays and fines.

Rapidly confirm data accuracy

Rapidly confirm data accuracy

The world’s largest repository of global trade regulations helps you quickly confirm data accuracy before submitting a declaration.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Maintain regulatory compliance

Integration with e2open Global Knowledge® includes access to current trade content for over 230 countries and territories.

Support multiple supply chain roles

Support multiple supply chain roles

Built for importers and exporters—independent of industry—as well as freight forwarders and logistics service providers (LSPs).

Gain visibility along the way

Gain visibility along the way

Complete, real-time visibility into declaration status for any party, internal or external, helps you identify bottlenecks and accelerate the customs clearance process.

Automate your customs filing

Clear customs faster with more simplicity and peace of mind.

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