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Most companies prefer to self-file with customs because it reduces brokerage and duty costs. However, it requires up-to-the-minute knowledge of trade regulations, a specialty not commonly available in-house. Self-filing is also labor-intensive. With E2open’s Customs Filing application, you can now self-file without extra labor costs using the most accurate library of continuously updated trade content available.

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Consolidate all your trade data into the correct filing format, then submit it to authorities worldwide—with one click. Our powerful application helps you save time and effort by automating all your customs filing.

Streamline and automate the customs filing process:

  • Consolidate all your product and transactional data into the correct customs declaration format

  • Confirm the accuracy of all data before submitting a declaration by leveraging the power of the world’s largest repository of global trade regulations

  • Effortlessly connect and exchange data with customs authorities from one single place in the cloud

  • Reduce direct third-party fees, labor, errors and penalties by filing directly with customs

  • Avoid customs clearance delays by using validated and compliant import shipment data

  • Gain visibility into all your filed customs declarations, identify bottlenecks and expedite the clearance process

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E2open Customs Filing

Prepare, file and complete accurate customs declarations with an automated system, eliminating third-party filing fees and improving time-to-market.

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Connect with customs directly from a single platform, confidently submit accurate declarations, eliminate broker fees and reduce in-house workload.

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