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Lower Duties, Manage Inventory

Saving money on customs duties is a great way to improve profit margins in the long term. Yet many businesses don’t take full advantage of duty savings programs because managing them is time-consuming and complex. e2open’s Customs Warehouse Management application makes it simple to administer a wide range of duty savings programs from start to finish so you can save time, reduce product costs and improve margins.

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Streamline Customs Warehouse Management

Increase cash flow by deferring or eliminating duty obligations. Move goods in and out of customs warehouses with full regulatory compliance. Automated inventory tracking gives you unparalleled visibility and control.

Lower duties while increasing your agility:

  • Efficiently defer duty obligations under European Union (EU) customs warehouses

  • Automate tracking and tracing requirements for goods in bonded warehouses

  • Simplify administration of the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZs) program

  • Efficiently recover overpayments through U.S. Duty Drawback

  • Free up skilled personnel to handle more strategic activities

  • Bring goods to market faster by automating the manual tasks involved in running duty savings programs

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e2open Customs Warehouse Management

Learn how global trade automation can help you reduce the cost of goods and shrink lead times by streamlining administrative processes and using duty savings programs.

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Duty Drawback Makes a Comeback in 2020

Find out how you can reclaim 99% of the import duties you paid by leveraging e2open to manage the Duty Drawback program.

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Duty Management: Trade Opportunities and Cost Savings

Discover how you can leverage programs like EU Customs Warehousing, U.S. FTZs and Duty Drawback to reduce product costs and grow your international trade business.

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Get Easy Savings with Duty Reductions

Don’t leave money on the table. Leverage automation to manage customs warehousing and all available duty savings programs efficiently and effectively.

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