You’re launching a new program or platform to increase partner engagement and you can’t wait to get your partners using it. But how do you get the word out?

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How you communicate what you’re offering your partners is just as important as what you’re offering them. Learn how to make your new initiative successful with a communication plan that educates your partners on the value for them, stokes excitement and gets partners engaging with the platform after launch.

E2open’s Launch Communication Plan eBook will help you:

  • Plan effective communication for your launch

  • Educate and motivate audiences about how your platform helps them

  • Communicate shortly before launch and the day of launch

  • Keep the momentum going after launch to increase platform adoption and drive partner success

Don’t forget to check out our complimentary planning template at the end of the eBook or by clicking here. Our eBook and planning template is the first step in ensuring your launch and communications are organized and successful.

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