Emerge Partners with e2open to Enhance Supply Chain Connectivity and Decision-Making for Shippers Seeking Spot Freight Solutions

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Emerge Partners with e2open to Enhance Supply Chain Connectivity and Decision-Making for Shippers Seeking Spot Freight Solutions

SCOTTSDALE, August 17, 2023 – Emerge, the leading provider of innovative freight procurement solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with e2open, the connected supply chain SaaS platform with the largest multi-enterprise network. This collaboration brings together the expertise and capabilities of both companies to revolutionize the way shippers and carriers make strategic decisions and optimize their supply chain operations.

Emerge’s freight procurement platform, designed by freight professionals for freight professionals, empowers shippers and carriers to make data-driven decisions supported by real-time connectivity. With features like Dynamic Book it Now, the Emerge Marketplace consisting of 45,000 quality carriers, and the Premier Carrier Program, Emerge enables shippers to make informed choices and streamline their procurement processes.

E2open’s supply chain platform has been instrumental in transforming the operations of the world’s largest companies. In today’s complex and interconnected supply chains, having an integrated platform is crucial for managing end-to-end processes and responding swiftly to challenges.

The partnership between Emerge and e2open offers its mutual shippers the seamless integration of Emerge’s Spot Marketplace with e2open Transportation Management (TMS). E2open users can now access Emerge for spot pricing, leveraging Dynamic Book it Now functionality and gaining access to thousands of carriers and Emerge’s Premier Carrier Program. This integration enhances capacity options for shippers, complementing their existing network partners. Tendering, load execution, and tracking can all be performed through e2open, providing a streamlined workflow for shippers.

Key features of the Emerge platform include:

  • Dynamic Book it Now (DBIN): Shippers can set a starting and ceiling rate for DBIN, and the system will automatically increment the rate toward the ceiling rate during the bidding duration. This feature allows shippers to capture the best price for their shipments without the need for manual rate adjustments.
  • Rate Pulse: To maximize savings, shippers can also utilize their spot benchmarking tool that reveals current market rates and Emerge lane history. It gives shippers the confidence to set rates for DBIN and allows carriers to book instantly without bidding.
  • The Emerge Marketplace: Over 45,000 carriers offer additional capacity and rate competition. Shippers can also leverage Emerge’s Premier Carrier Program, consisting of marketplace carriers identified by Emerge for their large fleets and outstanding performance metrics. This program provides shippers direct access to carriers that bring added value to RFP events, ensuring reliable service and quality performance.

Through the Emerge and e2open partnership, shippers gain direct access to Emerge’s extensive carrier network while maintaining visibility into carrier details and performance. This eliminates the need to set up new carriers, saves time, and streamlines operations.

“We are excited to partner with e2open to deliver unparalleled value to our mutual customers,” said Maggie Petrovic, VP Strategic Partnerships of Emerge. “By integrating our spot procurement platform with e2open’s TMS, we are enhancing supply chain connectivity and enabling shippers to make more strategic decisions. This partnership represents a significant step forward in revolutionizing the freight procurement process.”

“At e2open, we are committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and integrated solutions for managing their supply chains,” said Peter Hantman, COO at e2open. “Our growing e2open Carrier Marketplace is one example of this, where the Emerge integration will offer e2open shippers access to Emerge’s extensive carrier network and innovative procurement features, further empowering our technology users to optimize their operations.”

The partnership between Emerge and e2open combines cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to drive efficiency and performance in supply chain management. Shippers and carriers alike can look forward to more empowered decision-making, streamlined processes, and enhanced visibility across the supply chain.

About Emerge

Emerge is a leading technology provider with its revolutionary Freight Procurement Platform. Emerge offers solutions that enhance the procurement process for spot and contract freight by providing current benchmarking data, real-time connectivity, and data-driven insights enabling shippers and carriers to make more empowered strategic decisions. Backed by its marketplace of 45k+ quality carriers and the Premier Carrier Program, shippers can expand their network with confidence. For more information, visit www.emergemarket.com.

About e2open

E2open is the connected supply chain software platform that enables the world’s largest companies to transform the way they make, move, and sell goods and services. With the broadest cloud-native global platform purpose-built for modern supply chains, e2open connects more than 420,000 manufacturing, logistics, channel, and distribution partners as one multi-enterprise network tracking over 14 billion transactions annually. Our SaaS platform anticipates disruptions and opportunities to help companies improve efficiency, reduce waste, and operate sustainably. Moving as one.™ Learn More: www.e2open.com.

E2open and “Moving as one.” are the registered trademarks of E2open, LLC. All other trademarks, registered trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. 


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