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According to leading analyst firm Nucleus Research, supply chain planning (SCP) vendors play a more strategic role in an organization’s success than ever. Access a free copy of this research to learn why a holistic vision plus comprehensive visibility is especially key.

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Nucleus Research states that leading SCP vendors provide a platform approach to product delivery. Platform solutions are increasingly necessary because they can consolidate siloed data across different eco-systems into a unified organizational view, delivering greater value than a collection of point solutions.

The holistic nature of the platform approach enables companies to meet today’s needs while enabling future growth. In contrast, siloed systems can actually limit growth.

E2open has been recognized as a leader in the 2020 SCP Value Matrix, with specific focus on our digital twin of the entire value chain, which provides upstream and downstream visibility.

Access this important report to learn why Nucleus Research has identified E2open as a leading SCP vendor.

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