5 Value Drivers of Multi-tier Supply Network Mapping

Transforming supply chain visibility and resilience

A startling discovery made within the aviation industry triggered a domino effect, revealing the widespread use of counterfeit parts across major airlines. A closer look into how this happened and how to fix it led to another startling discovery — a lack of in-depth visibility into the intricate web of suppliers and partners.

To be accountable and compliant with heightened regulations, a deeper understanding of supply networks is vital​​​​​​​​. E2open’s Multi-tier Supply Network Mapping emerges as the solution, fostering collaboration and resilience by shedding light on material origins and their journey through the chain.

By engaging with suppliers as partners, e2open’s platform transforms visibility into resilience and agility. Connecting a vast network of suppliers, manufacturers, and partners with planning and execution applications empowers informed decision-making and process orchestration across the entire supply chain ecosystem.

To learn about the five value drivers of ​​​​​e2open’s Multi-tier Supply Network Mapping​, download the ebook, or contact e2open to discuss how our platform can help you transform visibility into resilience and agility.

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