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Introducing Supply Network Discovery: The Newest Innovation in Supply Collaboration from e2open

Discover what is unknown – suppliers in sub-tiers of your supply network that may be the source of compliance or supply assurance risk.

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A more reliable and compliant supply chain

Strict government regulations, consumer awareness, and persistent disruptions have put supply networks under a microscope. With e2open’s latest innovation – Supply Network Discovery – you can improve supply assurance and mitigate compliance risk.

Supply Network Discovery provides multi-tier supplier discovery, relationship mapping, and traceability. A structured engagement to perform due diligence and partner impact assessment capabilities improves supply understanding and compliance across your expansive supply network.

Discover unknown sub-tier supply partners

Supply Network Discovery provides a structured workflow to identify and map every sub-tier supply partner and the components or processes they contribute to the bills of materials of finished products. A complete understanding of the brand owner’s supply network provides more control and awareness of all the actors in the supply chain.

Gain compliance across the supply chain

Once a clear picture of the supply network is available, there are many ways to gain compliance across the supply chain. A combination of the partner certification process and the automated onboarding process can increase data accuracy and shorten the lead time to trade.

When brand owners combine detailed, specific screening—including many government-issued restricted trading parties or sanctions lists—they can avoid significant non-compliance penalties and fines.

Improve supply assurance

The ability to expose supply risk ahead of time becomes possible when the brand owner maps out their entire, multi-tier supply network. Opportunities and risks are uncovered that can impact their supply assurance. A complete mapping of the supply network helps expose supply risks, such as single-sourced materials, and enables collaboration across connected and related suppliers to mitigate critical supply issues.

The basis for end-to-end supply traceability and regulations compliance

In a world of persistent disruption and ever-changing regulations, e2open continues to innovate to build a connected supply chain that will help keep your supply chain moving and your company’s commitments and reputation intact. Collecting supplier information and mapping the entire global supply network allow you to quickly identify a bad actor, enact supply redistribution as necessary, gain greater control and visibility over the entire supply chain, and meet customer commitments.

Distance icon 81%

of supply chains increased locations in the last three years, requiring a new level of visibility and collaboration.

Source – Gartner Top 3 Priorities for Chief Procurement Officers in 2024, December 14, 2023

ESG icon 54%

of supply chains will only do business with ESG-compliant businesses.

Source – 2022 Gartner Future of Supply Chain Survey G00740032

Knowing your supply base intimately creates a compliant and agile supply chain

E2open Supply Network Discovery equips organizations with the information and applications to answer many questions that keep brand owners up at night.

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Who are all the partners in my extended, multi-tier supply network?

What component, ingredients, and raw materials go into the products produced?

Where are those materials sourced from?

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Are there any partners on the restricted party government lists?

Are any partners using forced labor or illegal materials?

Icon  Certify

Are all partners certified with audits and reporting?

Are 3rd-party audits received and properly utilized?

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Are complete records available for easy access?

Are records tied to the order and shipment transactions?

More applications in the supply ecosystem

Know what you don't know about your suppliers.

Create a more connected, collaborative, and intelligent supply chain

A collaborative, multi-tiered approach can help you overcome the challenges of compliance, traceability, and supply assurance. Contact us to discover more.

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