How to Help Ensure Uninterrupted Production with Parts Shortage Management

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Stop parts shortages before they start

Parts shortages, like missing puzzle pieces, pose unique challenges for businesses because they can negatively impact all levels of production and fulfillment. But one company, renowned for barcodes, mobile computing, and RFID expertise, discovered how to predict and address inventory gaps by managing shortages efficiently.

With the help of the e2open Supply Collaboration platform and supply assurance features, the company was able to proactively address parts storage challenges, mitigate the need for excessive safety stock, reduce the likelihood of stockouts, and minimize expediting expenses.

To get the full story on how the company optimized inventory with precision, ensuring the right items are available at the right time, download the brief. Contact e2open to discuss how we can help you with an efficient supply chain that enhances supply readiness, resilience, and competitiveness.

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