Transformative Rail Fleet Management

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Redefining rail logistics by overcoming visibility gaps and data inefficiencies

In the heart of the Midwest, a pioneer and global leader in pet food, faced a critical challenge—managing a thriving private rail fleet of 1,600 rail cars amid visibility gaps and data inefficiencies. They wanted a solution to not only gain greater visibility and better data, but to reduce reliance on railway-owned equipment and overall costs.

The company turned to e2open to provide robust reporting tools that capture and analyze their shipment data while highlighting cost offsets and showcasing fleet utilization savings. E2open’s leading Transportation Management System (TMS) helped the pet food company integrate purchase order reporting and real-time transit data—empowering them to effectively monitor inbound rail supply, set safety stocks, and optimize order management. The impressive results include:

  1. ​​​Greater control over rail supply
  2. Optimized fleet utilization
  3. Reduced dwell times across all facilities
  4. Reduced demurrage costs
  5. Savings that justified new privately leased equipment

To learn more about how to work with e2open as a strategic partner download brief or contact e2open to discuss how to build a resilient and optimized rail supply network.

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