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Juli 08, 2022

The Connected Retail Supply Chain

Contributed by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Founder of Retail Minded
Achieving a connected supply chain has proven itself a challenge time and time again, particularly as our global economy continues to recover from the pandemic. Keeping this in mind, the National Retail Federation’s recent, debut 360 Supply Chain event was a welcomed experience that delivered valuable insight and solutions for industry decision makers looking to optimize their supply chain efforts.

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Case Study

PL Developments Gains $1.5 Million in Transportation Savings with e2open Global Parcel and Oracle OTM

PL Developments, a major pharmaceuticals supplier, needed to consolidate shipping operations to cut costs and bette...
Case Study

Colony Brands Manages Holiday Peak Shipping With e2open Global Parcel Solution

Colony Brands, a major shipper of food gifts, needed a solution that allowed them to minimize labor and exceptions ...
Case Study

E2open QSC Case Study

These days, technology develops and shifts incredibly quickly, so standing still is not an option for a forward-thinking supply chain leader. As a leading manufacturer of power amplifiers, loudspeakers, signal [&hell...
Case Study

e2open Volvo Case Study

Volvo Sees Significant Cost Savings and Visibility with e2open®
Case Study

e2open Unilever Case Study

Unilever Improves Ocean Supply Chain Operations Through Digitalization With e2open®
Case Study

e2open Technology Giant Case Study

High-Tech Giant Captures Large Unexpected Orders and Unplanned Demand Without Disrupting Supply Chain
Case Study

e2open Semiconductor Company Case Study

Semiconductor Manufacturer Powers a Fast-Growth Business Through Digital Transformation
Case Study

e2open Sargento Case Study

Sargento Reduces Freight Spend and Improves Visibility
Case Study

e2open Raben Case Study

Raben Group Centralizes Transport Management to Handle Critical Capabilities with e2open® ’s Platform
Case Study

e2open Qatar Post Case Study

Qatar Post Provides Best-in-Class Mobility and Postal Services
Case Study

e2open Premium Paint and Coatings Company Case Study

Premium Paint and Coatings Company Saves Millions in Preferential Duties
Case Study

e2open Oshkosh Trade Compliance Case Study

Oshkosh Corporation Re-Tools Trade Compliance
Case Study

e2open Ocean Carrier Network Case Study

Ocean Carrier Network Reduces Container Movement Costs for Better Street Turns
Case Study

e2open Multinational Retailer Transforms Procurement and Logistics Case Study

Multinational Retailer Transforms Procurement and Logistics Processes to Lower Costs and Improve Service
Case Study

e2open Major CPG Company Case Study

Major CPG Company Finds Success With End-To-End Digital Transformation
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