Innovative Channel Data Management for an Enduring Legacy Brand

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Streamlined partner programs and trusted visibility into channel performance

In response to critical challenges faced by a legacy multinational technology company—struggling with unreliable sales data and high administrative costs—e2open introduced transformative Channel Data Management (CDM) and Incentives and Rebates (I&R) solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the trusted company streamlined partner program administration, ensuring trusted visibility into channel performance at a manageable cost.

For the company, the implementation of e2open solutions connected over 10,000 distributors and 30,000 partners, performing two quadrillion calculations every twelve minutes. Consolidating systems resulted in substantial cost savings, with $40 million saved over two years. Incentives validation against Sell-out data prevented $300 million in overpayments.

To learn more about the future of supply chain management, download the brief or contact e2open to discuss how effective CDM and I&R can transform your business.

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