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Reach new levels of performance and profitability. Manage all tiers of production, inventory, logistics and channel activity from one place in the cloud. Our real-time digital transformation platform is powered by decision-grade data, best-in-class applications and the world’s largest multi-enterprise business network. A unified user experience with advanced analytics and workflows enables collaboration based on single source of truth.

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e2open Strategic Platform

Orchestrate and Optimize Your Entire Supply Chain

Overcome the complexities of bringing goods to market with a streamlined technology infrastructure that is data-driven, scalable and all-inclusive. A collaborative digital transformation platform helps you eliminate silos and connect end-to-end in real time to reduce direct costs and capture new market share.

Advance Your Transformation

Explore how your supply chain can unleash business potential.

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  • Harmony® – Unified User Experience

    E2open Harmony offers a modern and intuitive user experience that unifies all workflows and analytics on a “single pane of glass” for ease and efficiency. Say goodbye to tired interfaces, copying from applications and swiveling between monitors. Say hello to graphical visualizations, user-configurable key performance indicators (KPIs) and flexible dashboards that make it easy to see what’s happening, understand the business implications and quickly take corrective actions. Everything you need to succeed is in one place—regardless of the underlying applications, algorithms or data sources required to make this happen.

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    • Harmony. Your Business – Networked, Harmonized, Optimized. Live.

      Harmony enables our customers to extract maximum value from the sophisticated connectivity and powerful applications we provide.

  • Intelligent Applications – End-to-End Process Orchestration

    Whether you’re in supply chain, channel management or logistics, we’ve got you covered. E2open’s intelligent application suites help you plan, execute, optimize and orchestrate end-to-end operations, giving you the breadth and depth to meet today’s needs and grow in the future through to complete digital transformation. With a “network at the core,” E2open’s applications and prescriptive analytics are uniquely positioned to leverage the granular, real-time data required to make quality decisions in today’s fast-moving markets.

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    • Overview

      Channel Shaping Intelligent Application Suite

      Unlock the potential of all your channels with a complete 360-degree view of retail, distribution and online at your fingertips — right down to the consumer.

    • Overview

      Demand Sensing Intelligent Application Suite

      Traditional planning techniques were developed decades ago when there were fewer channels and less complexity – isn’t it time to modernize your data?

    • Overview

      Business Planning Intelligent Application Suite

      Take the next step to better plan your business. Wherever you are in your supply chain journey, E2open’s strategic platform has the breadth to meet your immediate needs and the depth to grow with you.

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      Global Trade Management Intelligent Application Suite

      Confidently import and export, always in compliance because you’re backed by the world’s most accurate trade content. Lower costs with trade agreements, duty savings programs and self-filing for customs declarations.

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      Transportation and Logistics Intelligent Application Suite

      Move goods with agility and efficiency, responding quickly to demand and enhancing margins. Transportation and management is easy with in-transit visibility and access to a multimode global carrier network.

    • Overview

      Collaborative Manufacturing Intelligent Application Suite

      What would it mean to your business if all quality data from your manufacturing ecosystem was automatically updated and available in one place in the cloud?

    • Overview

      Supply Management Intelligent Application Suite

      Imagine streamlined collaboration with your immediate suppliers and contract manufacturers — and their suppliers too — across every tier of supply.

    • Channel Shaping

    • Demand Sensing

    • Business Planning

    • Global Trade Management

    • Transportation and Logistics

    • Collaborative Manufacturing

    • Supply Management

  • E2NET – Trading Partner Network

    For business networks, size and quality of connections matter. E2open has the largest global trading partner network for direct materials, with more than half a million suppliers and logistics users along with millions of resellers. This means the partners you need are likely already on board and ready to go, providing a rapid time to value that is unparalleled as well as a low cost of ownership.

    E2open’s multi-enterprise network, known as E2net, makes it simple to get the real-time, granular data from internal and partner systems that is required to better manage all tiers of manufacturing, distribution and logistics. E2net connects these ecosystems to provide a digital representation of your physical supply chain and sales channel, from initial materials sourcing to consumer finished goods purchases—and everything in between. Data streams from these disparate sources are harmonized with artificial intelligence and made decision-grade, providing a single source of truth for all parties and applications.

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  • Physical – Channel and Supply Chain

    A company’s physical supply chain and sales channel consists of the complex global, multi-partner network of suppliers, subcontractors, factories, warehouses, third party logistics (3PL) providers, distributors, retailers and resellers that has built up over time. Goods flow from supply to consumer, with critical information housed in disparate transactional, financial, sales and executional systems. Some companies still run their physical supply chain with spreadsheets using manual processes.

    Multi-enterprise connectivity through E2open automates the collection of data across any or all parts of the supply chain and sales channel. E2open’s digital twin creates a digital abstraction of the end-to-end physical supply chain and sales channel and continuously updates it with information from underlying systems. A transparent view of the truth lets companies collaborate instantly, balancing supply and demand in real time without manual effort.

  • Digital Twin – Channel and Supply Chain

    E2open’s platform architecture includes a real-time digital twin of the physical channel and supply chain. This pairing of the digital and physical worlds allows for improved monitoring, analysis and decision making that is aligned to current realities. A digital twin is a core requirement for enabling next-generation performance, end-to-end digital transformation and the convergence of planning and execution.

Turn Vision into Reality

Gain a step change in value regardless of your industry or infrastructure—plus a measurable return on investment (ROI). Four key enablement pillars help you unlock your supply chain’s potential:

  • Harmony: Unified analytics and collaborative workflows on a single interface for all participants with role-based access to underlying applications and data sources

  • Applications: Full range of connected, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven algorithmic applications to correlate data, streamline processes and drive better decisions

  • Data: Harmonized and synchronized decision-grade data drawn from real-time sources and shared by all tiers of internal and external partners according to role

  • Network: Reusable connections to internal and external data sources and transactional systems in the physical supply chain with 100,000-plus demand, supply and logistics network participants

Win Today and Tomorrow

Unlock potential with the right data, applications and network. Leverage a platform that empowers you wherever you are in your supply chain journey and grows with you.

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