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Connecting through the E2net Trading Partner Network

Connect all supply chain partners in one collaborative network. Work together securely with manufacturers, suppliers, customers, service providers and other firms in real time to coordinate supply chain activities. Leverage the world’s largest direct business network with thousands of trading partners and 600,000 users across 180 countries.

Orchestrate Visibility and Responsiveness

E2net is E2open’s scalable, multi‐enterprise cloud connectivity platform, enabling end‐to‐end alignment and visibility. If something changes in your supply chain, the event is processed and delivered within seconds to your internal systems via E2net. You can respond quickly based on the latest actionable data and make the best decisions for rapid execution across your network.

Why E2net?

More and more, companies rely on a global network of suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics providers and other partners to design, assemble, ship, sell and repair their products.

Problem: Although enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems give companies an up-to-date view of their own business, there’s no visibility outside a company’s four walls. Traditional approaches to external business-to-business (B2B) connectivity are usually point-to-point connections. Expensive and time-consuming to deploy, they provide mostly single-tier visibility with limited traceability support.

Solution: Use a more modern approach. E2net is a cloud-based network that connects all trading partners, enabling companies to exchange information and work collaboratively and securely in real time. Electronic connectivity provides timely and accurate information from external sources, lower transaction costs and high scalability.

Gain Supply Chain Insight and Partner Alignment

Avoid blind spots and surprises by connecting 100% of your network.

Optimize visibility, connectivity and collaboration outside your company’s four walls.

Integrate supply with demand, demand with production, production with forecast, forecast with sales and sales with cash.

Harness the power of downstream data for supply chain performance.

Manage regulatory compliance and yield conformance using high-quality, end-to-end workflows.

Support customer e-procurement and e-invoicing initiatives

Start Building Partnerships with Confidence

Leverage E2open’s Trading Partner Management application to ensure that trading partners are in compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements prior to onboarding.

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Data Sheet

E2open Trading Partner Management

Automate and streamline complex onboarding, communication and oversight of trading partners on one operating platform for quicker time-to-value.

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Create New Efficiencies

Strategic attributes of E2net multiply your efficiencies and unchain the potential of your network.

Largest Supply Chain Network

E2net connects thousands of trading partners and has more than 600,000 unique registered users in 180 countries who communicate in nine languages and trade in 26 different currencies. Annually handling over 8 billion transactions worth trillions of dollars, this is the largest network designed specifically to support companies running multi‐enterprise supply chains.

Onboarding Support

You can rapidly incorporate all suppliers, vendors, trading partners and customers into a single cohesive, responsive, trusted and secure network. E2open has extensive experience onboarding all types of trading partners and can manage rollout programs of any size.

Convenient Connectivity Options

  • Direct system-to-system and B2B connectivity leveraging a wide range of standard industry protocols and payload types including common electronic data interchange (EDI) and XML standards
  • Drummond Certified™ Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) and ebMS protocols
  • REST application programming interfaces (APIs) for numerous supply chain actions
  • Downloadable E2open B2B Client software
  • Access to any value-added network (VAN) and any trading partner via EDI-VAN interconnects
  • Web portal access when a more manual process is sufficient
  • Standard, email-based information exchange for partners with limited connection capabilities

Network of Networks

Once connected to E2net, you never need to connect to another network. E2open establishes reusable connections to many other network providers. You can use those interconnects to reach 100% of your partners, regardless of whether they are directly or indirectly accessible.

Real-Time Messaging

Messages are processed and delivered quickly with minimal queuing. E2net handles large files from customers’ ERP systems and reliably delivers them to the E2open cloud-based applications.

Certified ERP Integration

You and your partners can connect to E2net with your own applications. Certified adapters and connection capabilities assist with integration:

• SAP® certified adapter for SAP S/4HANA® and ECC
• Oracle® verified connector for Oracle SCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud

Cloud-Based SaaS Model

E2net provides B2B integration capabilities in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, enabling you to reduce your cost of ownership and IT complexity by outsourcing your B2B connectivity to E2open. E2net is upgraded quarterly to ensure all customers benefit from the continuous innovation and improvements on the network.

Secure Environment

To protect your sensitive company information, E2open adheres to the highest standards in data security. E2open is the first dedicated, cloud-based supply chain SaaS vendor to achieve the ISO 27001 Security Certification. E2open also maintains SSAE18 certification.

Highly Available and Scalable Network

E2net operates at a three nines (99.9%) uptime service level agreement. Backed up by a secondary data center failover infrastructure, E2net generally processes messages in a matter of seconds from receipt to destination. You can grow your network with confidence as you add trading partners.

Proactive Alerts and Transparency

To provide visibility into all message processing actions taken on E2net, a secure web-based console gives tenants and trading partners access to audit information regarding their transactions. Users can subscribe to email alerts when exceptions are captured, or system notifications can be sent to customer telemetry systems. Users have the ability to replay their transactions after transient issues have been addressed.

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