E2talk: How to Tackle China’s Trade Regulation Challenges


China is an attractive location for sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of goods. It offers lots of opportunities for most businesses. China is also a complex country with fast-changing regulations that can have significant impacts on both your trade compliance operations and supply chain. It is crucial to understand and master China’s specific regulations to ensure your business is successful and profitable. From cross-border documentation to license requirements and local regulations on supply chain planning and execution, your organization needs to be fully up to date and compliant to stay in the race.

Join us for a 30-minute conversation with our experts. We will discuss:

  • China’s latest import and export regulatory changes
  • Impacts on your organization’s trade operations and supply chain
  • Best practices to tackle China’s trade regulations challenges


David Strauss
Director, Partner Development

Ryan Tang

Ryan Tang
Executive Director, APAC

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